A lot of the computer technology that we use today is, as this book points out, close to "magic" in as far as anything that we can't explain might be considered magic. Yet "How Software Works" brings many aspects of how some of this technology works into clear focus -- both with insightful illustrations and great explanations.

how various types of encryption work
how passwords are stored and protected
the structure of graphics
how compression reduces the size of files without losing data
how search technologies manage to find what you're looking for -- and so quickly!
how computers allow for so many processes to be working at the same time without tripping over each other
how routing functions on mapping systems like Google maps and GPS devices
It takes some extremely complex topics and breaks them down to the point that they are approachable so that the reader understands how they work and some of the tradeoffs that needed to be made in their implementation.ow encryption, digital signatures, image files, search tools and a pile of other everyday computer technologies work.